05Aug 2019

BALANCE The energies and directions for this month are revolving around staying balanced. Whee! This is where we are to focus our attention all along the way this coming month. I certainly think you will agree with me that balance is pretty much something we all need to have in our lives, but this month […]

03Jul 2019

Trust  The energies and directions for this month are pointing us to implement and practice trust, with a capital T. Begin each morning of each and every day this month with a commitment to Trust – the process, your Spirit, the Universe, God, your angels, others to be who they are, the synchronicity of everything. […]

20May 2019

Change The energies and directions for this month are evolving around integrating the feelings and experiences that change brings to our lives. Everyone is experiencing these feelings at some level. Aren’t you? I know I sure am! Yet, it is not just that we are experiencing these feelings, significant and very real and rapid change is happening on […]

05Apr 2019

Open Your Heart The energies and directions for this month are evolving around opening your heart. I feel that opening generally equates to vulnerability. We are vulnerable when we wear our hearts on our sleeve, so to speak, and do not let ourselves hide behind conventional societal mores. We do not let ourselves hide behind […]

26Feb 2019

Connection The energies and directions are evolving around paying attention to new and interesting Connections that may be coming in. Part of the energy of connection is walking our path with an open, broad view of everything before us. Having an alertness to our surroundings and being available for connection, all without fear, yet with […]

16Jan 2019

Mermaid in Mexico Written in honor and in gratitude for ‘Send Me on Vacation’ During my ‘runaway retreat’ in the redwoods of northern California the end of June, which I wrote about in a recent blog, provided not only an actual retreat, but acceptance that what I had intended took a U-turn. My sincere intention […]

05Dec 2018

SURRENDER The energies and directions for the month of December evolve around SURRENDER. It is about trusting your own inner wisdom and following the direction of your heart. It is time to surrender and open yourself to the power that lies within. Do read on… Generally speaking, when the word surrender comes to mind, we […]

13Nov 2018

GRATITUDE The energies and directions for this month are evolving around the energetic experience of Gratitude. If we allowed ourselves the spiritual practice of connecting at the heart level with life through unconditional love, it would have the effect of moving the evolution of our souls and our planet to new and important levels and […]

23Oct 2018

Finding Your Tribe After Cancer Did you know that there is no official name for a group of mermaids? Some have said, a gaggle, or a gossip of mermaids, however, I would say a “splash” of mermaids is more appropriate, especially for my mermaid ladies. An interesting phenomenon occurs when you get a “splash” of […]

01Sep 2018

POSSIBILITIES The energies and directions for the month of September evolve around possibilities It is about stepping outside of our present way of thinking – seeing – feeling and to envision whatever it is that we want to create for ourselves. It is time to open ourselves to new possibilities! Do read on… Part of […]