Jackie Duhame

Jacque Duhame became a breast cancer survivor in April of 2009. “One minute, I was changing my bra,” she says. “And the next, my entire life changed in every way.” Duhame had discovered a lump that seemed to have come out of nowhere. The lump turned out to be an aggressive form of Invasive Ductal Carcinoma (IDC). She discovered in addition she carried the BRCA Gene, making her a higher risk for other cancers and also Triple Negative; a type of breast cancer that only 20% of women diagnosed with breast cancer have. There are not drugs for T3, currently the only treatment is chemo and radiation. Duhame did both in addition to a double mastectomy, reconstruction and other surgeries to prevent reoccurrence. Today, Jacque is cancer free. She has been cancer free for more than 3 years a big success with her particular diagnosis. She has not had reoccurrence; something that is prevalent with a Triple Negative diagnosis and has a high mortality rate and probability of reoccurring in the first year.