Jennifer Roush

My name is Jennifer Roush and I am a stage 4 survivor/thriver. I was a perfectly healthy 36 year old trying to establish a patient basis with a new primary care doctor in the city. Since I had no other health issues she went ahead and did a yearly physical. When she was done she requested blood work and a mammogram, due to a “soft” spot in my right breast. The results prompted my doctor to order a biopsy and I was diagnosed with Stage 2a Triple Negative Breast Cancer. I went through treatment and got the all clear. 10 months later I found myself going through more scans and tests only to be re-diagnosed with a metastasis to my lungs. I have been in treatment since December of 2011 and have had NED since June of 2012. I am very excited that I have been nominated to be a recipient of Send Me on Vacation. I desperately need some relaxing down time to appreciate life outside of treatment and reflect upon life as is once was before I was diagnosed.