Taneta Blanden

My name is Taneta Blanden. One month before I was to schedule my annual physical, I had some breast pain. I didn’t feel the lump until I was on my side; I was not really doing a self exam but just trying to sooth the discomfort. I immediately scheduled an appointment. My physician confirmed the suspicious lump and scheduled a mammogram. Then came biopsies, and at 39 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. All this is going on and I’m in a fog of disbelief, all I ever knew of breast cancer was older women got it, the chemo stories ,loss of hair and resulting death is what I saw on tv ,movies and stories of people I never knew. Things became overwhelming trying to do everything myself. I had a small saving aside for a cruise I wanted to take for my 40th birthday. But with only being able to work part-time I became destitute very quickly. I finally called the numbers given to me by the hospital support staff. One was American Cancer Society they gave me the number to the Tigerlily Foundation. When you’re fighting cancer, they tell you to rest and try not to worry about things. But in the real world, imagine doing that while trying to cover co-pays, buying expensive medicines, paying for rent, having a phone on, having lights, keeping your car. I really don’t know how I juggled it all. But when I got an email from Melanie from the Tigerlily Foundation saying I was chosen to receive $500 in assistance I literally cried. Melanie showed patience with me in getting my application completed. Tigerlily Foundation was able to keep my lights and phone from being disconnected. I also got a little wiggle room with my rent and car insurance. Tigerlily foundation help me where were no one else did including family. I appreciate what you’ve done for me greatly.