Corona Del Mar, CA

Changing Lives Of Breast Cancer Survivors, One Vacation At A Time

Del Brenna Jewelry Salutes Breast Cancer Survivors on Saturday, Oct. 15 from 5 p.m. – 8 p.m. in honor of local breast cancer survivor, Jacque Ruddy.

Drink Pink Prosecco, clip in Pink Hair extensions and bejeweled knowing 15% of all profits raised at Del Brenna will go toward sending Jacque and her 2 boys on a healing vacation to Hawaii.  “It’s our dream to go on vacation after fighting breast cancer together for the second time in 5 years. I’m thankful to Send Me On Vacation (SMOV) and everything they do to provide healing vacations to survivors who need to take a break from cancer.” Local So-Cal partners, Grand Pacific Resorts, Del BrennaJewelry, and The Lab Hair Salon in Corona Del Mar are working together to make Jacques dream of a vacation come true.

“Jacque is not only a survivor, but she’s also a thriver. She’s a woman, who against all the odds became a college graduate in June at UC Irvine and is currently working on her master’s degree at USC. She is the first person to attend college in her family, a single mother of 4 currently raising 2 young boys and she really needs a healing vacation,” says Cathy Backus SMOV Founder. It’s a hard, slow climb but Jacque has forged ahead to provide a life for her children who need to prosper and grow strong.

Breast Cancer doesn’t discriminate. It’s like a hurricane that comes out of nowhere and takes out everything in its path. When it’s seemingly over physically, it’s only just begun emotionally. Rebuilding life after breast cancer can be every bit as challenging as fighting it. It requires building a bridge to empowerment to reclaim your life. Send Me on Vacation was Jacque’s bridge. Sending underserved breast cancer survivors on vacations to find empowering paths to restoring one’s life after cancer is crucial.The organization does this by providing healing vacations to survivors and their families. People take vacations to reduce the stress of everyday life. The everyday life of fighting breast cancer brings insurmountable stress to the body, mind, and spirit of a survivor. Using the concept of vacation rejuvenation to reduce stress, SMOV has helped hundreds of survivors, giving them the chance to break the cycle of fighting breast cancer and restart their lives.

Contact Send Me On Vacation at 702-277-3812 or You can also visit us at