1.30.19 – SMOV partners with 3wishes to provide wigs for survivors photoshoot

Send Me On Vacation, Inc. (SMOV), a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization, has partnered with 3Wishes.com

SMOV shares a common thread with 3Wishes.com by offering breast cancer survivors three wishes when they are awarded a healing vacation to combat the physical and emotional stress caused by fighting cancer.

The organization’s first wish for all recipients is that they find Peace of Mind, regardless of the stage of their diagnosis. The second wish is finding Inner Strength, to rebuild ones beauty from the inside out and the third wish is developing a Sense of Sisterhood that connects breast cancer survivors throughout the world together to share experiences and form deep friendships.

During the charities vacation weeks, survivors attend therapeutic programs that focus on health and emotional wellness. At the end of the week each recipient enjoys a day of beauty and a photo shoot. During the photo shoot, the inner beauty, renewed strength and gentle grace of each survivor is captured on film to memorize the week.

3Wishes.com provides stunning wigs for every photo shoot, giving survivors a choice of color, length and style to achieve their desired look. Dedicated to serving their customers with the best quality products and friendly customer service, 3 Wishes is also a company that takes social responsible seriously. Giving back to breast cancer survivors by supplying them with wigs for their photo shoot is priceless.

Together, Send Me On Vacation and 3Wishes, make dreams come true for survivors around the world.



About 3Wishes.com:

3 Wishes offers an array of high-quality apparel including wigs , costumes, dresses and club wear. Their passion is to serve women and men seeking an enchanted experience by providing products that exude fun and beauty.

About Send Me On Vacation:

Launched in 2010, Send Me On Vacation provides much-needed vacations to breast cancer survivors in North America, who have completed treatment and need a place to heal the body, mind and spirit. The organization sets itself apart from similar charities by providing life-altering vacation experiences that change lives.