Tiffany Julia

Hello my name is Tiffany Julia I’m 38yrs old, I’m from Staten Island New York my husband David and I been together since high school we have one son David who’s now in college and works part-time at the Home Depot. On January 25, 2010 I was diagnosed with stage IIIC Breast Cancer. I then underwent a right modified radical double mastectomy. I did chemo, radiation and reconstruction. That whole process took about two years. I went back to work I felt like I was getting my life back. When I started to fell pain in my legs I just thought I was doing to much but I told my doc. Took more test, then I was told my cancer spread to my bones and lever. Tiffany you are now stage iv metastatic breast cancer. More Radition more of everything. Side Effects. After Side effect. So the pain in my left leg was from the cancer which had fractured my femur, my ortho doc said I needed another surgery where he put a rod in my left like to support the bone. I did physical therapy, learning how to walk again. January 2014 I was told that I have to start chemo again because the cancer is still spreading but this time it will be in a pill form. So I can continue taking the xeloda for the rest of my life if it works along with the two shots one in my belly which feels like I BB gun shot. Once of month. Overwhelming to say the least. I just want to go somewhere with blue water and white sand. If I have to take these pills everyday deal with the side effects at least life can it let me enjoy other things. Cancer runs in my family, although my parents were HIV positive and died from that, at the ages of 38, 41, both sides all had cancer. I miss my mom i was only 19 when she died and I see myself doing the same thing with my son like showing him how to cook certain things just take care of things without needing me to do it. I secretly think I will be the one who beats this cancer. I will try my hardest to be here with my husband and son. We are all we have. And that means more to me then anything. I think it would be awesome for us to go somewhere. We been thur so much. At such a young age. It’s time that we can just live and love life. My husband and I didn’t have a big wedding we went to the court. 2015 will be our 25th anniversary. and my 40th Birthday, So I’m thankful to have that to look forward to. Thanking you in advance. Tiffany Julia