8 Ways to Give Your Soul a Detox After Cancer Treatment

8 ways to detox the soul

8 Ways to Give Your Soul a Detox After Cancer Treatment

8 ways to detox the soul

Do You Need a Soul Detox?

You may have had a cancer diagnosis or a verbal disagreement with your best friend.  Maybe your professional life seems meaningless or without direction.

Regardless of what you have gone through, have you ever felt emotionally, physically or mentally depleted?  Sometimes all at once? Find renewal and give yourself a soul detox. Read on as I explain 8 ways to find Renewal and give your soul a detox after cancer treatment.

What do you do when that part of you that seems muddy, bruised, and exhausted, no longer represents who you are?

You may need a SOUL DETOX.

After my breast cancer diagnosis, and truthfully, even 2 years out of diagnosis, I struggle with my “new normal.” I have felt lost, confused, bitter, and ask “why” a lot. I never used to. Before the diagnosis, I accepted life easily and drew in adventure everywhere I went.

Sometimes I felt my eagerness grow into a mania. I recognized this part of me, and I relished in my abilities to take life as it came. As far as I felt, I lived in alignment with my soul. I remember reciting sweetly to myself, “all is well with my soul.” Obviously, not every aspect of my life was ideal.

My husband and I struggled with normal family problems, lack of communication, finances, and parenting skills, but my soul reflected my good intentions and my desire to learn and grow. All in all, I was at peace the years before my cancer diagnosis.

When the day of the results of my biopsy came to pass, and I heard the words, “you have cancer.” My whole life as I knew it before those words were uttered, completely changed. It didn’t settle all at that moment. I began to see all aspects of my life through the eyes of someone whose life was shortened unfairly.

The emotional phases weaved in and out of the daily life where I have lived these past couple years, and  I continue to wonder, “How much longer?”

  • How much longer will my body take in these toxins and eradicate the cancer cells?
  • How much longer will I have to feel this way?
  • How much longer can I hold on to my family?
  • How much longer will I have on this earth?

These are the questions that have sat in my soul and slowly festered in fear. A fear that kept me up at night brought uncontrollable tears and caused incredible sadness.

The pain became paralyzing that I knew if I didn’t force myself to confront it, then I would never be capable of living well, only surviving and in despair. I knew that is not a life I wanted to model to my children, whose eyes were fixed on my every mood, word, and decision.

My soul needed a complete reboot. I needed to focus on my present state and my ability to wake up with a smile for one more day. I am consistently practicing these steps and thus filling my soul. The goal is to mend your soul through renewal, not depleting your soul to the point of a detox.

 Read on and begin to implement these strategies. I guarantee you will be replenished.

The pain became paralyzing that I knew if I didn’t force myself to confront it, then I would never be capable of living well, only surviving and in despair.

8 Ways to Give Your Soul a Detox After Cancer Treatment

#1Cleanse the Mind 

Cleanse the Mind:  Unfortunately, my life can still feel like a never ending basket of dirty laundry.  I haven’t found a good system, I lack the time or energy to put yet another load and sort, fold then put clothes away.  

So what do I do?  Ignore it.  I watch the pile in the hampers and the lack of clothes in the drawers until we are left with bathing suits and tights.  At this point, I am completely depleted. The energy required to begin the process is 10x more challenging than if I had started earlier.  

The guilt, the stress and then the anger bubbles into complete frustration that I manage to gather up my strength and do a laundry overhaul.  Geez, what a waste of energy and emotion.  

Our minds are like that dirty laundry basket. It is filled with stains from a stressful day, it reeks of bad decisions, and sticky from situations that we wished we didn’t have to experience. Put all of that in a washing machine and allow your mind to gentle cycle all of it. I need at least 10-20 minutes to let my mind sit in a cleansing state and acknowledge all that has happened for the day.

#2 Connect with the Spirit

I happened to be a very spiritual and traditionally minded person. I respect that there are wonders and unexplained occurrences all the time. I have had a challenging time with death, knowing that it is closer to me than I have ever thought.

Death being the ultimate unknown. I intentionally seek out that uncomfortable feeling and learn how to implement strategies to guide me towards peace. I do this by seeking wisdom from others, fostering relationships, practice meditation and pray diligently to a higher power. All I know is that I do not know everything, nor do I have to.

The connection that I have with my Creator will fill my soul and create a stronger resilience to the toxins in the world….

#4 Breathe in Positivity 

Positive thoughts are powerful. As simple as it sounds, it is a practice that is challenging and requires a commitment. Unfortunately, it is our nature, and it is easier to point out the negativity around us.

My goal is to renew my soul with positivity that I breathe it in naturally. As if I depend on it- like oxygen to my soul.

A simple activity that I do in the morning before I get out of bed is to inhale in a positive thought and breathe out an affirmation. For example:  Take in a deep breathe and think- “My family brings me joy.” As I breathe out, I say out loud, “I am a loving mother.” I set my intention for the day, and I can tell the difference when I don’t.

# 5 Eliminate the Negativity

We can’t avoid negativity altogether, but we can remove the parts of our lives that tend to drag you into it. Those factors may be your friends, some family members, your job or career, or you. It may seem impossible to do this, but it becomes easier and easier to weed through the negative feelings. Be mindful that the source of negativity could be you. Are you sucking all life out of those around? Do you regularly live while furrowing your brows?

#6 Alignment in Gratitude 

Such a spiritual buzzword right now, right?  GRATITUDE.  Say it enough times and ask yourself, do I really understand what that word means? Let me break it down for you- It is a quality in a person that exhibits true thankfulness AND, (a big and)- that shows appreciation by returning the kindness. Whoa!

How many of us return the kindness after shouting- I am so grateful for my husband?  Or I am so thankful for a roof over our heads. What would that even look like?

After declaring my gratefulness of my husband, for example, I could show appreciation through sweet acts of kindness.  Or I could show my appreciate of a roof over my head, by cleaning with a happy heart.

Only after the act of kindness is completed could I really complete the gratefulness cycle.  My declaration must be in alignment with my actions.

Practice REAL gratitude by working on one statement and confirming the gratitude with an action. 

#7 Compassion

Another key to detoxing your soul is practicing compassion. Also known as love. I wish that would be enough clarity, but as many of you are reading, myself included, we are aware that it is terribly easy to neglect one major factor in our own healing and well-lived life.

What does compassion look like as you live out our daily lives? Self Care. What self-care really means is being compassionate with yourself and believing you are enough. Just as you would with a good friend. You have accepted that person as he or she is, and sure there might be some differences, but you love them as if they are enough. Do the same with yourself.

#8 Forgiveness

The ultimate soul detoxifier. The health benefits of forgiveness have been examined by major researchers of the medical field, including John Hopkins.

This detoxifier can cleanse your soul of the pain that holding these negative feelings can do, such as trap your emotional potential. Without forgiveness you’re left with a version of yourself that operates with extra baggage- do your soul a favor and release yourself from the weight.

Forgiveness = Freedom

How to Forgive from the Series: The Truth About Cancer


  • Reflect on your own shortcomings and think of instances in which you needed forgiveness from another person. Doing this will help you empathize with someone else who might need your forgiveness.
  • Consider the immeasurable value and power of forgiveness, both for yourself and others.
  • Stop thinking of yourself as a victim and start taking the moral high ground in every situation where you feel offended or harmed. Doing this will help release the oppressive control that someone else’s offense has on your life.
  • Actively choose to forgive in order to perpetuate a culture of reconciliation, healing, and peace. Oh, how our world needs these things, doesn’t it?

The last piece of advice would be to REPEAT all of the above!

We all are journeying into life with positive and negative experiences- it will all affect our souls, relationships, and health. Empower yourself and choose to fill your soul with the nourishment it needs to make an impact on your lifestyle and others around you.  Renew and replenish- wishing you a gentle soul detox in the future.

Much love on your journey,


Breast Cancer Survivor Stage 2, diagnosed at 34 years of age.

Heidi Lampprecht

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