The energies and directions for this month are evolving around integrating the feelings and experiences that change brings to our lives. Everyone is experiencing these feelings at some level. Aren’t you? I know I sure am! Yet, it is not just that we are experiencing these feelings, significant and very real and rapid change is happening on this planet.

What is being shared in this message is that how you look at or view these changes, how or if you resist these changes, and how or if you can or do incorporate them is an important practice at this time.  Integrating the broad consciousness that “change is the only constant” and, really, nothing ever remains the same, supports our personal growth and ability to deal with changes. Do read on…

The Webster’s Dictionary definition of “change” is to make the form, nature, content, future course, etc. of something different from what it is or from what it would be if left alone. There is certainly planned change, changes you decide you want to make. Even those planned changes tend to cause emotional and psychological impacts you have to deal with. Yet it seems, generally speaking, that humans instinctively want to avoid change.  It is very safe to be in your comfort zones where everything is known, with no shake-ups or interruptions to your schedule or life. However, there is not much personal or spiritual growth with staying safe, staying put or hiding away.

When talking about how we look at or view change, here are a few possible scenarios to consider:

  • It is said that change to the fearful is threatening because it means things could get worse. Now, I’m sure you know people like this. You may even be one This is a pattern of thinking where things are seen from the negative perspective, a learned pattern.
  • Another pattern of thinking is that change is hopeful and encouraging because it means things could get better. This is the positive perspective, and is also a learned pattern. Both are extensions of the duality within which we presently exist.
  • Those wishing to grow in consciousness are working to break away from both of these learned patterns. Why? For a more practical, holistic approach To the confident, conscious person, change is inspiring because the challenge or opportunity presented by the change allows one to grow personally, emotionally and spiritually, and/or to be of service to another person, or to make things better in this world.  A different approach to change, eh?
  • My personal experience with this was the death of my sister a few years ago. Now, I am truly a hopeful person, but there was no way that this situation was going to get better for me emotionally. What I found was that the opportunity to be of service to my sister through her deathing process, and the gift she gave me in return spiritually, emotionally and personally, helped me with one of the deepest and most uncomfortable changes in my life, her leaving.
  • Spiritual value rests with all of our experiences, even those that are the most painful. Our ability to release our resistance to what is, whether large or small, absolutely reduces the stress on our mind, body and spirit, and can create an opportunity to be of great service to friends, family, loved ones, and colleagues who are still living in fear.

This month presents us with an opportunity to change our thoughts and feelings about change. We acknowledge that change, when lived as a spiritual process, provides the opportunity for spiritual transformation. Your reaction to change, no matter how big or small, always has something to show you about yourself, your belief structures and your ways of looking at the world.

If you let it, change awakens you to the sacred process that it is, allowing you to shift your consciousness. It continually offers personal insight and opportunity for growth, and challenges you to accept that which lies in front of you without resistance. Ultimately it can bring you closer to God, Spirit, your angels, guides, non-physical connections, your Higher Self, whatever you want to call that Divine energy, and provide a significant opportunity for spiritual growth.

So, this month, think about the changes you see taking shape in your life and on our planet.  There is so much change afoot.  Bring the power of Divine Love to each and every change at a personal, professional and planetary level. Bless it!!!  Love it!!!  In that process you will incorporate the results into the True, Authentic You. In this state, you will continue to see to the depths and receive the immutable truths of life which will support you in whatever you are experiencing in your life.

Let your mantra for now be:  I AM paying attention to and honoring all the changes in my life … And So It Is!!!

Love from the Lotus World <333,



Darity Wesley is an award-winning author, lawyer, speaker, Death Diva and Modern Day Oracle. She is an innovator and advocate for conscious dying, becoming your True Self and birthing the New Reality.

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