Our Story

When it started

In 2011 Send Me On Vacation filed for a 501 (c)(3) status. The charity started sending breast cancer survivors on healing vacations post treatment to ease the after effects of battling breast cancer. Throughout the last 6 years the charity has developed empowerment, wellness & family style vacations to survivors from 7 countries (U.S, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Singapore, Thailand & Australia). SMOV has made it possible for hundreds of survivors and their families to take a break from fighting this terrible disease and find their way back to a life filled with love and joy again.


Passion behind Send Me On Vacation

When Cathy Backus from Scottsdale, AZ saw that her best friend Pam Horwitz needed a break from fighting cancer for the second time she crafted a plan to reach out to her contacts in the travel & timeshare industry to donate unused inventory to send survivors on a much needed vacation after battling cancer. Inspired by Pam and backed by her husband and “partner in giving” Gene Backus, Send Me On Vacation was born. Now, 6 years later the charity has caught the attention of some of the largest supporters around the world.

Send Me On Vacation is an all volunteer organization and raises funds for survivors to become thrivers through events. Every event sends local survivors from the state its held in on vacation. This concept allows the charity to support the communities that support their survivors.


Types of events

From Golf Tournaments to High Tea’s and Poker Tournaments to BraTini Cocktail Parties, Chef’s Dinners to Wine Trains and Bike Tours through Napa Valley, exciting events to celebrate survivorship are the way SMOV raises funding to make survivor dream vacations come true.


Money raised

Over the past 6 years SMOV has raised millions of dollars, mostly in the form of in-kind donations. Our generous partners give us resources such as hotel, timeshare, cruises, airline tickets and more to combine with the funds we raise from events throughout the year. We like to say we make pink lemonade out of squeezing lemons and adding the love and passion that our sponsors & volunteers pour into their work of paying it forward.


Number of Survivors

SMOV has coordinated over 300 vacations to date. With the help of their travel agency partner in NY and suppliers such as Club Med, Diamond Resorts, Carnival Cruise Line, NCL Cruises, Marriott, Absolute World, Westgate, RCI, Grand Pacific, SFX Resorts and hundreds more these vacations have the power to change lives for the better.