Vidanta Ambassador

Vidanta Ambassador

Thank you for your generous donation. If you choose to donate your bonus weeks, please know that you can reclaim any of these weeks at any time to use yourself or share with family and friends. Your donation does not fully commit these weeks to us permanently, acknowledging that plans can change. Consequently, we do not require you to submit your certificate.

Should you wish to use a week you’ve already donated, there is no need to notify us directly. We will become aware of this if we attempt to use the week on your behalf. Many members prefer to donate a week along with the associated maintenance fee. This ensures the week is utilized, and you will receive a donation receipt.

The tax deductibility of using your week as a donation depends on whether the maintenance fee is paid and should be discussed with your accountant. Tax deductions for such donations can vary by country; in some, they are highly deductible, while in others, they are not unless the maintenance fee is paid.

If you decide to pay the maintenance fee for a donated week, please contact us at 702-277-3812 to obtain your receipt. Donating weeks with the maintenance fees paid can significantly impact the lives of survivors and their families. Please note, we do not track the utilization of bonus weeks. Only Vidanta can confirm whether a week has been used.

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