Heidi Lamprecht

Heidi Lamprecht

Certified Life and Career Coach, business owner and cancer mom blogger, Heidi Lamprecht was diagnosed with cancer at a young age with two small children. She understands first hand the negative affects a cancer diagnosis has on each person and the devastating impact on family dynamics.

From these experiences, she has pledged to make her cause her career and has recently partnered with the Jefferson County Healthcare Oncology and Surgery to provide immediate coaching with tangible tools and resources to newly diagnosed breast cancer patients.

A licensed K- 8 teacher,and Healing Strong Facilitator and a previous ESL educator, Heidi continues to thrive and heal in her journey through providing one-on-one coaching and creating curriculum to help guide other survivors.

She balances life with her inspiring and insightfully blog, www.happilyeveraftercancer.com where she shares her experiences through the breast cancer journey.

She is also on the SMOV Survivor Advisory board and Vacation Champion.

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