The energies and directions for this month are evolving around the energetic experience of Gratitude.

If we allowed ourselves the spiritual practice of connecting at the heart level with life through unconditional love, it would have the effect of moving the evolution of our souls and our planet to new and important levels and depths. These new or renewed depths of feeling connected would generate within us a feeling, a sensation, an energetic experience of gratitude.

So much of the time we are so consumed with what is in front of us. Lots to do, lots to be, lots to think about, lots to feel – that we only move for brief periods of time to that basic stillness that represents who we truly are. But as we emerge as True Ones, connected with All That Is, with our Divine guidance from the depths of our soul, we will find a place, an experience to remind ourselves to feel gratefulness for the grace of all life, for the pleasure of love and life and wholeness and peacefulness.

Becoming or allowing ourselves to be grateful for what is brings with it amazing changes within our minds, our bodies and our spirits. It is a sensation that seems to clear the mind, to bring us back to the present moment, to what is.

In fact, take a deep breath right now. Yes, while you are reading this, go ahead. Now, let it out. Take another deep breath and again slowly let it out. Take a moment to think about the setting of a starry night, all the stars, the planets, the full moon with its radiance shining down on our planet. Allow yourself the feeling of connectedness with all that, the cosmos, and bring in your gratitude for those stars, that sky, the earth, the air we breathe, the wind that blows, the rain that comes; feel gratitude for your beating heart and for all life forms on this planet. Acknowledge the love you feel and know that really and truly All Is Well.

There is so much fear, ego, illusion, division apparent right now. It is such an important time for the evolution of human consciousness to know that the principle of Gratitude, no matter what one’s circumstances, or one’s beliefs, is one of the basic tenants of the new world and something to be cultivated as a spiritual experience and practice in our daily lives.

Let your mantra for this month be: I AM in gratitude for All That Is … And So It Is!!!



Darity Wesley is an author, lawyer, speaker, death diva and Modern Day Oracle and experiences life to its fullest. A long time traveler on the spiritual, metaphysical, esoteric and personal development path, Darity has transformed her life many times in many ways.

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