Meaningful Milestones Along the Cancer Journey

milestones along the cancer journey

Meaningful Milestones Along the Cancer Journey

Milestones Along the Cancer Journey

I am thrilled to be able to look back and see that I am in the phase of “that happened” versus “this is happening”. This is my personal milestones along the cancer journey. The summer of 2017 has been a time for reflection and renewal. For me, this milestone is the catalyst to more mental, emotional and physical energy to come.

Milestones are extraordinary. They may be small or huge. These moments make up the flag posts along the journey to show you just how far you have come. Milestones could be your cancer diagnosis date, surgery date, chemotherapy start or finish.  It could the moment you notice your hair began to grow back. Whatever moment that seems to best symbolize progress for you, can be considered a milestone.

What do you do to celebrate a milestone, or do you?

I have honored the day I was diagnosed, April 15th, 2015 by celebrating internally.  I say a prayer, write in my journal and hug my kids a bit tighter.  Many want a party and be loud or enjoy a simple and quiet movie night. Others take a trip or vacation with family and friends.  However you want to celebrate, it is completely up to you and your mood.

However, consider these 2 suggestions as you determine your milestones and how you would like to celebrate.

  1. Recognize that you can trigger emotions that you may not be ready for. Be compassionate and understand where are emotionally and mentally before taking on a milestone celebration.
  2. Discuss with friends and family. It may be necessary that you take some time to talk with your loved ones about their journey as well. They had a different perspective and can offer other their thoughts and suggestions on ways to celebrate.

How do you celebrate your milestones along the cancer journey?

Here are a few ideas:

Plan for a Special Event: A trip, vacation, skydiving!

Self Care: Get a massage, go to a spa or get a mani-pedi.

Reflection: Buy a new journal, or start a blog.

Donate or Volunteer your time or money: Send Me On Vacation you all know how life changing this organization has been to my life!

Join a 5K/10K: Find an established cancer organization such as Relay for Life.

These are only a few ideas.  Whatever the celebration or milestone, remember that it is yours and it will be as meaningful as you want it to be. This journey has been all yours from the moment you were diagnosed.  YOU!  So, how are YOU going to celebrate?


Heidi Lamprecht

Breast Cancer Survivor Stage 2, diagnosed at 34 years of age.

Heidi Lampprecht

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