Men Also Get Breast Cancer

men also get breast cancer

Men Also Get Breast Cancer

men also get breast cancer

Contributed by Ambrose L Kirkland

What I Really Think

For a male breast cancer survivor like myself, getting through each day in itself sometimes amazes me how I survive. Just because I’m in remission doesn’t mean that things go back to the way they were before this crazy disease we call breast cancer came into my life. And yes, that’s right, I said, male breast cancer.

However, I want everyone to know; I wasn’t thinking breast cancer when I found out and I sure as hell wasn’t thinking Pink. First, I hate Pinktober and I find most of the campaigns that they have for Pinktober are extremely tacky and demeaning for women. I also detest this “Save the Tatas” bullcrap.

I Wasn’t Thinking Pink

Women have breast, not ta-tas. We need to spend more time trying to save the lives of women and stop focusing on their breast. “Eyes up here men!” And yes, you men. Guess what? You can also get breast cancer. Oh hell yes. I wasn’t thinking Pink. Hell when I found out, I wasn’t thinking of any color. I was thinking about how I was going to live. Everyone is so focused during Pinktober on this freaking color of Pink that they’ve forgotten the big picture. Trying to save lives.

Men Get Breast Cancer Too

When I found my own lump; I wasn’t thinking Pink. When I started having a discharge from my left nipple; I wasn’t thinking Pink. When my doctor told me I needed a mammogram; I wasn’t thinking Pink. When I was told there were calcifications on my mammogram: I wasn’t thinking Pink. When I needed a lumpectomy: I wasn’t thinking Pink. When I was told,” Mr. Kirkland, you have breast cancer”; I sure as hell wasn’t thinking Pink; When my doctor cut into my body and removed all the breast tissue in hopes of saving my life; I wasn’t thinking Pink. When I had ten and a half painful weeks of radiation; I wasn’t thinking Pink.

Every time I hear of another breast cancer brother or sister gaining their wings; I’m not thinking Pink. Pinktober will never erase the pain or the scars and you will never get back to being who you were before. But you have to always remember that you have support, loved ones, support groups, websites, someone is out there for you. But please during this month: Stop thinking Pink. Breast Cancer is now: Pink and Blue.

Men Also Get Breast Cancer.

I’m Ambrose Kirkland and I’m a Male Breast Cancer Survivor.

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