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The energies and directions for this week are supporting our Trueness as we step out, even tentatively, into expressing our True Being and True Feelings with total authenticity. We do this with compassion and love, and not in anger or hostility, being Who We Really Are!

So many celestial happenings are occurring which are causing some wild energies to flow in, on and through the Planet and us. Much of it is supporting the opportunity to become more aware of everything that is going on in front of us. A new perspective? Possibly. Take a look see. Trueness will be supported this week.

This Oracle reminds us that we are birthing a New Reality. We are moving into conscious Oneness, the 5th Dimension, Heart Centered Living. As you continue to align yourself with these energies, you will begin to feel freer and freer as you allow more and more of Who You Really Are to express itself in the world. Go ahead … it is now time! Express more of your Truest Self. Let your Trueness be revealed. It is time to let the illusion of protecting yourself, the superficiality, the untruthfulness, the little white lies, the affectations, the “pretending” that you feel one way when actually you feel another. It all needs to go away, and now is the time. Sometimes we have to be vulnerable for spiritual growth.

As you manifest your new reality of Trueness, you must step more and more each day into being your Self, with a capital “S.” Your true thoughts, your true perspective on reality, your true heart’s knowingness, all expressed cleanly with authenticity. Even “negative” emotions such as anger, annoyance, irritation when expressed in love, not making someone wrong or blaming them but saying ”this is how I feel, it’s not really about you,” works. It’s time to be REAL, folks!

And, as the world out there attempts to distract us all from the true reality, and as we birth the knowledge of Oneness, from love, from compassion, from our true reality, we can use our best spiritual tools to bring us back to the moment (“Be Here Now!”). We bring ourselves to the knowledge that All Really Is Well. To the understanding that the chaos that is happening around us has a purpose – dying and birthing are very emotional times and when the dying world, the dying ideologies, the dying duality attempts to pull everyone to pay attention to it, be the witness. Just Observe. Be Neutral. Our very own consciousness knows this is a distraction. Sad, yes. It breaks my heart to see what is happening in the world, yet it is for us to know in our very own Heart of Hearts that we are indeed all One and this is a part of that change…

So, be the change you want to see in the world as we stand tall with those of honor and love and compassion. Loving and accepting those who know no different, those want to keep fear and chaos the dominant theme on this Planet, and those who will do everything they can to keep that theme!

Our true paths are being revealed to us. Change is happening. We can feel it in our heart as we allow our intuition to guide us. So, dearest Oracle reader, with eyes wide open, stay tuned to how you can engage, expand, create and express your Trueness, Who You Really Are, with love … always with love. Love for your Self, your family, your kids, your grandkids, your friends, your acquaintances, your Planet and all the beings thereon and for those who know not what they do.

Let your mantra for this week be: I AM open and allowing my True Self to express every day in every way … And So It Is!!!

Love from the Lotus World <3,



Darity is the founder of the Lotus Law Center, APC., The RYS (Revive Your Spirit) Center. She is also a Data Diva consulting on all things to do with data rights and protection thereof. Combined, their mission is to inspire people to do the right things in business and make the world a better place, starting with themselves.

Darity offers~The Daily Oracle~(TM)’ to hundreds of subscribers worldwide as well as monthly newsletters on integrating Spirit and Business. She contributes a monthly Oracle to OM-Times Magazine and writes a column for Women’s Voices Magazine entitled “Business…From the Heart.” She is also a contributing author to the fabulous book “27 Flavors of Fulfillment: How to Live a Fulfilling Life” which is available at Amazon and the fabulous real estate book “Broker to Broker.” 27 Flavors is an amazing compilation of life changing information. She regularly appears at the Subtle Energy Retreats produced by Cristina Smith.

Darity is, among many other things, an avid traveler, who offers talks and trainings on a wide variety of topics nationally to organizations, groups and Boards. The posts here are a portion of ~The Daily Oracle~(tm). To sign up for ~The Daily Oracle~ send an email to and put “Subscribe” in the subject line.

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