World Survivor Tour: Day 2 – Royal Hawaiian by Starwood

World Survivor Tour: Day 2 – Royal Hawaiian by Starwood

Aloha Hawaii

We’re so excited to share some BIG news with our Send Me On Vacation family! 

Awarding Bellman Hal Komoto’s mom the first World Tour vacation in Honolulu, Hawaii. Aloha Mother Komoto. Thanks to your loving son, we are sending you on vacation to heal from the effects of fighting breast cancer.

Feeling the L?VE in the islands of Hawaii. 



It is so beautiful to be spreading the LOVE globally to so many deserving survivors throughout the World. This disease spares no one and everyone deserves some rejuvenation seeking a new normal after dealing with this devastating disease.

In the land of Hawaii, where nurturing the land is fundamental, nurturing the locals, like Mother Komoto, begins the wonders of World Survivor Tour.



Please help spread our mission to help heal the effects of breast cancer or bringing awareness to the cause by posting a photo of yourself wearing pink and tag it:

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We couldn’t have started this journey without so much support from such wonderful communities. To give back, please visit our GoFundMe campaign and watch a spectacular video from on of our survivors, Lauri.

With L?VE,


Breast Cancer World Tour

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