The energies and directions for the month of July evolve around courage, bravery, fortitude. Things are coming up fast and furious, so these energies will support us all month … Do read on …

There are two definitions of courage and both should be our focus for this month of July. These two definitions are: “Physical Courage” – courage in the face of threat, hardship, pain or death and “Moral Courage” – courage to act rightly in the face of unpopular attitudes, opposition, shame, scandal or discouragement. This is the month to have the courage to walk our own path, courage to be a spiritual warrior, courage to face our fears and do what needs to be done, courage to hold at the deepest level of who we really are, that All really is Well.

There is so much going on in our world, right now. Have you noticed? Auto accidents, illnesses, health issues, disease, political upheaval, many people leaving the planet. The planet itself is shaking it up. Volcanos, hurricanes, earthquakes. There is much fear, chaos and concern about everything that we deal with in our daily life: money, the future, our livelihoods, the state of the global economy, families, children – so many folks are spinning out! One thing after another is happening in ways we have never seen before!

Now, we all know there have always been changes afoot here on this planet, and, since change is really the only constant in the universe and, generally speaking, it is the scariest thing for humans to deal with, these transformational times are really a time to pull our courage to the forefront. Everything is changing! This is the time to learn to experience how you deal with change. Your courage in the face of change is an important component for you this month of July.

Courage in the face of all difficulties is about being intentional, conscious, strong in a deeply held or integrated belief, understanding or knowing that “This too shall pass,” that we give up the illusion of control, that we surrender to what is, that we allow it to be easy.

Fear and courage are two sides of the same coin. It is important this month that we acknowledge that sometimes we do reach the fear point. We don’t want to be all la-ti-da and disrespect our feelings or pretend we feel other than we do. Acknowledgement that we may have touched a fear point, gives us the ability to understand that we can process it and transmute it. There are a variety of ways to transmute fear based on your particular spiritual perspective.

There are many tools to use, and they are there in spiritual books, our spiritual community, our churches, synagogues, and temples. We can also find them in support groups, friends, family, our spirit guides, ascended masters and angels. It is for us to use these resources to center and balance ourselves this month for they are the basis for our courage.

As we center and balance ourselves, staying centered at the heart level, our courage to face whatever comes our way is there for us to tap into. We need to be more flexible than we have ever been before to fully experience the NOW of the new realities birthing on this Earth.

As we become more and more authentically who we really are, as we have the courage to blow off the limiting patterns of thought that have wrapped us and blinded us for years, as we become the TRUE ONES connecting in Oneness with All That Is with PURE HEART LOVE, we grow in courage, bravery and fortitude. It is time to have the courage to sustain and strengthen our inner selves, our Mother Earth as well as all of humanity in its healing and consciousness evolving process. Make “Courage” your byword this month Dear Ones – it will hold you in good stead.

Let your mantra for this month be: I have the courage to walk my path, to stand in my truth and to be who I am … And So It Is!!!

There is Much Love For You Here In the Lotus World,



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