When Survivorship Takes on a Different Meaning

When Survivorship Takes on a Different Meaning

When Survivorship Takes on a Different Meaning

At first, it was all about “getting rid of it”.  Then it was about “getting through it.” For a while, it was about “getting over it”.  The getting over it part, at least for me, seemed to be the hardest part.

It never really felt like I would get it over.  At least the first 2 phases were a definitive end.  This last phase is what many call “the new normal”.

Right after chemo and radiation, going back to work seemed like the right thing to do.  It would distract me, it would help me get back into normalcy and I can financially help the family after the trauma. I went to groups, I eliminated toxic relationships, I changed my sleep patterns and ate nutrient dense foods.

I was slowly building a foundation in my new normal and feeling ok. It wasn’t until I started writing and sharing my thoughts with others that my survivorship turned into a purpose.  I needed to do more. I knew that the more I was willing to be vulnerable and share my story, the more I would embrace my healing. As I knew would faithfully happen, opportunities began to appear.  People who had loved ones diagnosed with cancer and others diagnosed themselves reached out to me for support, advice or just someone to listen to their fears.

I didn’t really know that each of these conversations, messages, emails, phones calls and house visits were actually healing me! I began to see my journey as a blessing for others.  My survivorship turned from blindly surviving into brilliantly living. I met new inspiring people, I researched questions that I didn’t know to help find the answers for others, I took inventory of my own life and recognized the beauty of all of it.  My energy shifted from “how do I survive to “how do we survive”.

As many of you know, I was transformed into a mermaid in October 2016 through the Send Me On Vacation Empowerment Workshop. A life-changing experience that launched me into a clearer purpose. It aligned exactly with my goal of supporting survivorship into deep healing through mentorship and compassionate relationships.

Fast forward to 2018, I am 3 years past my “cancerversary” and I continue to feel just as inspired as the day I left the Workshop. There are so many people that need inspiration from your hard work, strength and faith.  It is imperative that YOU continue to be strong because you never know who you will inspire next.

This brings me to the most incredible thing that is about to happen with Send Me On Vacation!  They are launching a new program- Mermaids and Angels Empowerment Vacation.

Essentially, it is a program for survivors by survivors. It is intentional healing at its best!

The details are below:

Send Me on Vacation flagship program, Mermaid Empowerment program has reached several survivors and changed the lives of those women and their families.  These past recipients will continue to be an inspiration and find emotional healing through the Mermaid and Angels Empowerment and Mentorship Program.

The program will consist of a new Send Me on Vacation recipient, “Mermaid” and a past participant, an “Angel”.

The intention of the program is to support the new participant with tools to promote emotional and physical healing in a Mermaid Empowerment or Wellness Vacation with their “Mermaid”. The forming of a sisterhood of “Angels” will bring survivors together to foster a mentorship that is intimate and personal to each.

“Angels” will be sponsoring a breast cancer sister on a vacation as a way to give back and effectively reach out to help other survivors heal from the harsh effects of the battle of breast cancer. “Angels” will have the opportunity to share their previous experience and take a “Mermaid” on vacation.

This will prove to be an authentic approach to healing, creating a bond, celebrating joyful moments and connecting with kindred spirits.

The Process:

Past survivors “Angels” will raise funds of at least $1,000 to finance the trip with their survivor “Mermaid” on a SMOV Mermaid’s Empowerment Journey.

It is a program that has truly come full circle as the healing is authentic and will provide the much-needed renewal and rest while deepening friendships.

I would love to hear from you!  Are you a past SMOV participant interested in bringing your healing journey into a deeper and meaningful place?  Do you have a “Mermaid” that you would love to sponsor and bring her or him to an empowered level of survivorship? As you know, the tools and the emotional support you received could change your sisters’ life for the better.

Please send us an email with Mermaids and Angels as the subject. The next available empowerment retreat begins August 10th, 2018.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram as we begin this new journey May 10-17th!

Many blessing on your journey and looking forward to healing with you!

Much love,

Heidi Lamprecht

Breast Cancer Survivor- diagnosed at 34
SMOV Past Participant -October 2016


Heidi LamprechtAbout Heidi

Heidi is a breast cancer survivor, diagnosed with Stage II at the age of 34.  She lives in Port Townsend, Washington with her husband and two children who were the inspiration through her treatments.  She is passionate about living her life after cancer by empowering those who have been effected by cancer.  She provides one on one consultations and life coaching to break through the chains of cancer victimization and hopelessness. Heidi is positively picking up the pieces of life after cancer and is exploring alternative ways of preventing reoccurrence. She believes in healing the body with nutrition, movement and prayer.

An advocate for breast cancer survivors, Heidi writes about her journey in her blog, www.happilyeveraftercancer.com

Instagram: happilyeveraftercancer

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